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 99fb8832c564b0bf56e49f9d8ac386d0.jpg                        Laboratory S.A.Popravko produces cosmetic creams that were created due to fundamental propolis research in Russia.
Cosmetics is based on 100% natural bioemulsion conducting a nutrients of honey bees’ royal jelly into skin, has an anti-aging and protective effects.
Cosmetics contains antioxidants of selective NORTH RUSSIAN (BIRCH) PROPOLIS collected by honeybees from Betula Sp and first identified by Russian biochemist Doctor Sergey Popravko in 1969-1973.

Dr. Sergei A. Popravko graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Department of Chemistry in 1970. He obtained his PhD from the Institute of Natural Compounds Chemistry of the Soviet Academy of Sciences under the guidance of a renowned Soviet biochemist Prof. Mikhail I. Shemyakin, where he did pioneering work on tetracyclin synthesis.

Dr. Popravko’s entire scientific career has been dedicated to discovering the biological source of the Northern Russian Birch propolis and characterizing its biochemical composition and function. He is the author of 5 monographs, 17 patents and over 100 publications in both Russian/Soviet and international scientific journals. He also presented his work at numerous international symposiums. At the 1978 International Apitherapy Symposium in recognition of his contribution to this field Dr. Popravko was awarded the Karl Janucz Gold Medal, a renowned French entomologist Remy Chauvin’s personal award.

Dr. Popravko is also well-known in Russia as the author of several popular science books, such as “Protective compounds of honey bees” 1982, “A honey bee on the flower” 1982, “Plants and honeybees” 1985 and “Honey and Gold” 2012 that have been translated into several languages.
In the 1980s-90s Dr Popravko developed and patented a new type of non-chemical emulsion «Queen’s Morning» incorporating the hypoallergenic North Russian/Birch propolis and royal jelly that became the foundation for the unique line of exclusive 100% natural cosmetics sold under the “S.A.Popravko Laboratory” brand name. To this day Dr. Popravko is actively involved in formulating and developing exciting new skin care products.

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Patents RF:

1)Queen’s Morning (UTRO KOROLEVY)


In over 20 years on the Russian market our products have garnered numerous awards and accolades:
- “Queen’s Morning” cream was named “a unique development in the field of cosmetics” and placed in the All-Russian Federal Registry of Outstanding Achievements (Diploma 08-0051 issued 24.12.2008)
- InterCharm-2014 exhibition - Second All-Russian BIO RUS competition - “Antiaging skin care product” category nomination for “Queen’s Morning” cream
- “2015 Diamond Beauty Award” – “Golden Cosmetics of Russia” nomination
- InterCosmetics-2015 exhibition – Gold Medal and Grand Prix for “Queen’s
Morning” and “Cosmetic Gold” creams
- “Grace” 2015 International Beauty and Health Award – “Best Cosmetics Brand” nomination, May 2015
- InterCosmetics-2016 exhibition - “Crystal Lotus” competition - Gold Medal for creams “Amore Mia” and “Green Tango”, March 2016
- InterExpo exhibition - “Crystal Lotus” competition - Gold Medal for creams
“Zosima” and “Gynura”, March 2016
- “2017 Diamond Beauty Award” – “Best Summer Cream” nomination for “Gynura” cream
- InterCosmetics-2018 exhibition - “Crystal Lotus” competition - Gold Medal for creams “Gynura” and “Cosmetic Gold”


Cosmetics is based on Russian birch propolis research
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